Saturday, June 09, 2012

Darien Lake Campground Review

Attraction: We chose to visit  Darien Lake Amusement Park for various reasons including the fact that it is on our way to visiting Amy and Chris in Vermont.  We wanted a park with rides for a two year old along with roller coasters for a nine year old and water slides for a grandma old!  The attraction of the campground is the amusement park.  Lots of V rides (well at least five for under 36 inches), lots of roller coasters that T and C would ride (upside down coasters make me sick so this park only had one for me).  I liked the water slides so much that I returned Monday for a few runs before we left.  But this is suppose to be a review of the campground.

 Here is a photo of our trailer and tent.  The site allowed us to have two families on one lot. That included two cars, the trailer and the tent.

Sites:  The lots are nicely sized.  Our site had trees.  Some sites are partly shaded.
Bathrooms: The bathrooms while cleaned regularly, could not handle the weekend crowd and the campground wasn't nearly full.  Lines for the bathroom started early.  Plan on morning and evening lines for showers and toilet use.  During the day, we had no issues.  No place to put your clothes during your shower.  You change in the shower.  Water pressure was low.  Temperature is controllable.
Garbage: A garbage bin is near the bathroom and wasn't full by Sunday night.  NO Recycling for anything.
Misc: If you plan on being in the park after dark and making your way to the campground be aware that there is no lighting in the campground.  Know what street you need to take and bring a light.  I got lost the first night.
Cost:  The cost is determined by four items:  1. Season Passes or Day Passe  2. Distance from park  3. Full hookups 4. Month and day.   We bought season tickets because it was cheaper that way for two or maybe three days. We went with a Tier two site and walked about seven minutes to the park.  It cost 55 dollars for two nights with water and electric.  If you purchase your tickets with the campground fee, it is difficult to get a good idea of the cost. 


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