Sunday, June 17, 2012

Marco gets a Screen Room

Katz and I really enjoy sitting outside in the evening drinking Scotch and listening to the Birdies. But having dealt with stage II Lyme Disease (one of the tick fevers) I find myself to be adverse to Bugs in general and ticks&skeeters especially. So, it’s time for a screen room. One of the nice Ebay merchants had a load of Dometic Cabana screen rooms for $175 delivered so we ordered one. Katz watched while Jan and I figured out how to modify the Thing to fit Marco and while we installed it. It turned out pretty nice for a Kludge.
Camp Johns
with the new screen room
It can also be deployed as an awning only
by unzipping and rolling up the walls
The view from inside Marco

Making an awning fit Marco which was designed for the R-Pod egg shaped trailers took a little kludgery. Marco’s awning rail is a foot higher off the ground than an R-Pod awning rail so the walls lack touching the ground by a foot. Hmm. The solution was to shorten the awning rail thus causing part of the awning roof to hang down and become additional wall height.
The top 24” of wall is actually roof material.
The original side-wall is the white material
and the roof material is gray.
Next, we installed short pieces of awning rail on Marco’s wall
and the roof-turned-wall
slips into those rails as seen in the PIC.

Katz likes it already and lurks in it.



  1. It looks good and a great price as well! Closer to hitting the road.

  2. Hi, Croft. Actually we are on teh Road. We’re presently in Vermont hanging out with DD, SIL and 19 mth old Grandson. We are heading for the Northwest (by way of Black Hills and Yellowstone) around August 20. Then down the Coast and across into Southern Utah.

  3. Oooh. When will you be in Yellowstone?

    D. and I were thinking a September trip might be nice this year--skip the miserable summer crowds and traffic for once. Still nothing definite, though.

    1. Just put up a calendar David. As our plans change, I'll change the calendar. Right now its early September in the park for us.


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