Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hungry Children

One thing to do with hungry children is to hold a Birthday party.
So how much of that cake
is Miss V going to eat?
It looks like Dad
may dive right in.
Miss C and her cousins
doing their share of
Birthday Cake destruction
Another thing to do with hungry children is to take them to a Strawberry Festival. The Strawberry Festival in Williamstown, Ma is assuredly a Summertime highpoint. Especially so for baby Grandsons who are often hungry.
Nate’s first Strawberry Festival last Summer
This year

That started out as Grandma’s dish but you can’t have starving children so Nate got about half of it plus some of Mum’s and some of Dad’s. Grandpa ate his so fast there was none for Nate....
Notice that two spoons are
needed to keep the process
up to speed.

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