Monday, June 25, 2012

Tongue Jack Improvement

For everyone who hates whatever contrivance is on their trailer tongue jack to rest on the ground be it a wheel, a pad or a cone there is now help. I have left that stupid wheel at CGs and had to go back to get it. If you pin the Thing to the tongue jack it is too low and scrapes the ground in dips. Enter the Fastway Flip. This thing is at least as good as sliced bread. It took me maybe 10Min to install including drilling the hole in the jack post.
Here it is supporting
the trailer tongue.
You might say:
“So what? It’s a
jack pad extension”.
Ahhh, not so.
As the jack is retracted
the Flip automatically
swings out of the way.
Ready to travel
safely tucked up
out of the way.

One of those simple ideas (once you see it) that really works.


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