Friday, July 13, 2012

Living with Katz

Many years ago, Lew was given the ‘birthday present' of Katz.  Katz is a shelter kitty who has lived with us since January 9, 2000.
     She has always been a strange cat, abused as a youngster and unable to comprehend the meaning of hunting.  She has literally entertained a wide variety of folk as she touched noses with voles.
And ground squirrels…..

And just this week a toad in the screen room.
     Imagine my surprise when she entered the  screen room as I as playing play-doh with Nate with something in her mouth.   I lost the race to close the trailer door, but managed to scare Katz who (of course-think Catch&Release) dropped the mouse.  Now we had a loose mouse in our traveling house!
     As I stood in the doorway to watch the cat, the mouse and Nate….I saw a wee dart to the furnace.  Katz thought she had lost track of the mouse and left the house to track it back outside!  But I knew where the mouse was in the house.
     Amy claimed Nate, and we started trying to scare the mouse out of the furnace.  Finally managed to do that only to lose the mouse who darted under the bed which connects to very hidden areas.  
Thus the traps…

     I hope I am startled awake with the clap of a trap and not the touch of a mouse!  
Who wants a mouse or a cat?  Free to a good home?


First Edit:  Last night was an exciting bedtime.  I was in bed reading a book (with my glasses off), when Lew called out that he, "Got the mouse!  Quick get a bowl." So I did and then grabbed the cat.  Lew thought the mouse was trapped behind the garbage can.  It had escaped once again....but Katz was so worked up she would not settle down to sleep.  She keep thinking the mouse was in her bed.  We finally had to shake out her blanket before she believed the mouse was not in her bed.  Honestly, she is not even close to a huntress.

Second Edit:  The mouse is not in the house anymore!
This morning it was
my job to dispose of
the sad little carcass.

A mouse can do thousands of dollars worth of damage to the complex miniaturized utility systems which heat, light, refrigerate and provide bathroom and kitchen facilities in an RV. It is thus a case of Nature, Red in Tooth and Claw. One dead mouse.


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