Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Book Review: White Darkness

This 2008 Printz award winning book--19 points on RC---(American award to British author) has been on the shelf at Peters for some time.  I thought it was about child abuse and didn't want to read it so the one copy sort of occupied space.  Boy was I ever wrong.  I went to the North Adams Public Library (In MA...thanks for the card use Amy) and checked out a paper book to take to the lake so I wasn't leaving my kindle unattended.  On the YA shelf was this book and I thought "Well at least it won a award, it will read well."  So I checked it out....Wow..Guys this is so ripe for the boys and girls who loved Revolver from last year's book talks.  Its for the student who wants a well written adventure book.

The White Darkness by Geraldine McCaughrean

Sometimes, when you are a lonely little kid, you have a pretend friend.  Sometimes you have a pretend friend because they will "play nice" with you.  In this adventure tale, Symone is a deaf girl with hearing aids who can talk but very few people really understand what she says because of how she mumbles. This is why it is no surprise that even though she is fourteen, she still converses with a imaginary friend.  What sets Symone apart, is who she has as an imaginary friend.  Its Captain Laurence "Titus" Oates, an explorer who accompanied Robert Scott on his failed expedition to the South Pole.  This ninety year old dead man is her constant "head" companion.  He talks to her, loves her and helps her when he can.
     When her "Uncle Victor" absconds with her to the South Pole, Symone is initially thrilled, then terrified as she realizes the reality of what killed her hero. Since Symone knows from Titus all the ins and outs of Antarctica, he just might save her life.
     This suspenseful adventure tale combines (as most good books do) a love story with two men along with a great survival tale. Prepare to be up late at night finishing this tale.  I honestly think it is better for adults than kids.....Enjoy.

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