Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Marco Gets a New TV

 We want to be able to dry camp longer without recharging our coach battery (hence the new “Lithium” battery and the LED interior lighting). Because LED backlit LCD TVs use about half the juice that CCF units do we could cut our juice use by using one of these new sets. Amazon shipped us a Samsung 22” LED LCD HDTV in two days and I installed it:

I plugged it and the DVD Player into my trusty Kill-a-Watt and this is what it told me:

The old setup used 52W so
this provides a significant
power savings.

So this TV setup uses 1.3A less than the old one did. That means a saving of 2.6AH while viewing a 2Hr movie. Significant when your energy reserve is ~ 80AH. That represents an additional 45Min of Furnace run time each evening/night before recharging of the Battery is necessary.


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