Sunday, August 26, 2012

For me no where on Earth, (so far) has given me a feeling of peace and restful happiness except my Yellowstone Mountains, rivers and lakes.  I love it here.  If I'm here a day or a month, I am always aware of a deep sense of peace when I look at the rivers or mountains. Thus I welcome myself Home to my favorite place.

Of all the places I love in Yellowstone (and there are many), I do so love the little piece of land we after setting up at Baker's Hole Campground outside of West Yellowstone,

we took off to see our land and mountains.  The driveway has grown up but the mountain has not!
This is a picture from 2006.  I love the look of those mountans and the lake!
Next was a trip to the stores in West.   Mary Beth came out to visit and we had ham sandwiches for supper!  All ready for more adventures tomorrow!

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