Saturday, August 25, 2012

It was a Hoppe Day!

Karl Hoppe  spent his last night at Geyser Hill watching Beehive Geyser.  He posted it on facebook as erupting at 5 something.  Son is only a tad like his Father.  I saw the post and immediately suggested a lunch meeting since we were going over the Bighorns as he was headed toward the Bighorns later that day.  Here we are starting up the Bighorns.  Not much smoke. 
But you see the mountains in the smoke?  Not so good for asthma girl.
As we are traveling along and watching the smoke....I'm checking facebook to see if Karl responds.  We stopped and had sandwiches but still not answer.  Out of Cody starting up the Canyon....Carl calls and says he is close to the Wapiti Post Office, I yell (I know that isn't the best way to talk in a cell phone) "So are we, pull over!"  And we both did!
It was so exciting to see Karl, Lori and their three kids.  But after a bit of talk and sharing some watermelon, they needed to head east and we wanted to get to Yellowstone.  We managed to make it past an old burn along Yellowstone Lake.
We set up camp at Grant Village...and went over to West Thumb to poke around.
I enticed Lew to drive to Old Faithful by suggesting Hamster burgers and fries.  Off we went.
Now what makes this a Hoppe Post, is that I'm waiting for our order at the store, while watching geyser hill.  Off goes Lion, which is where we met Karl when he was maybe 8?  I think....Then immediately after eatting we end up seeing Castle, which is where we met Karl again and he introduced us to his folks thus starting a lifelong friendship!  It was a Hoppe DAY!

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