Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hot! HOT! and HOTTER!

On the agenda was visiting Fort Robinson.  I had really melted in the heat the day before.  It caused a rebellion of the highest order!  NO!  I can not walk around anything in this heat!  If it isn't air conditioned...I'm not doing it!  And I'm bored with sitting in our little tiny house on wheels!

What to do?  We looked into going directly to Hill City....WOW  50 dollars a night!  NO WAY!...well we could mean 102 degrees without air conditioning??..forget that idea Lew.  How about the KOA in Deadwood?  Maybe they will have a spot if we beg?  We used the cellphone machine and begged. NOPE....

A change of Plans is necessary to keep Jan from a complete meltdown.  OK...if we drive north we hit 90...then go to  ...

WALL DRUG...home of the 5 cent coffee and free ice water and a WONDERFUL, AIR CONDITIONED MUSEUM.  If you have never been to Wall Drug in Wall, SD it really is a wonderful museum.  It is the only place on the earth where one can examine OLD original photographs of cowboys
  while a fake Dinosaur roars in your ear.
If you are ever driving in the area, the photos are worth the stop.  Then, since it was STILL HOT I went and did water aerobics in the campground pool.  


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