Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cowboy Trail

And so we did...follow the Cowboy trail.  The old railroad grade paralleled the  highway.  And so we traveled together all 189 miles of completed trail.  Do you see the rails-to-trails beside the highway?

Until we finally got close to Valentine, Nebraska...and see what we knew about (research it).  One of the longest rails-to-trails bridges in the country.  Its a quarter of a mile long and over 145 feet high.  We decided to bike it!

So we started down this very lonely one was on it as we traveled throughout the day and no one was on it now.

Until we got to Milepost 2.5 (Valentine is the start and yesterday's journey is the end of the line.)

We looked down from the bridge to the river below.
It’s the Niobrara River!  Very wide and handsome don't you think?  Miles of flatness and then this occurs!  Go Mother Nature.....


We did our little ride at about noon when it was 90 DegF. By 5:00 PM it was 103 DegF. Ugh.


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