Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where do we go? Follow the Cowboy Trail!

We know we want to go to Deadwood, SD ...

But which way do we go?  Its not like we haven't been there many times in the past...
     We have climbed the  ladder in the Badlands, done walks in the Black HIlls, visited famous Wind Cave.
     Anyway, you get the picture...So many choices when you are retired and traveling....How about something we haven't done before!
     Hey, we've never biked on the Cowboy Trail in Nebraska!  I've seen web sites about it.  Its LONG!  And we can camp where it starts and start at the beginning!

So we did! This is the campground in Norfolk, NE where the Cowboy Trail starts!  Its over 189 miles and starts along the river with wonderful cottonwood trees for shade (Good thing--its 86 at 8 PM).

 The path starts in concrete and doesn't really follow the railroad.
Until it meets the old line and turns into the familiar crushed limestone.  We didn't bike long (nursing that groin pain), only six miles.


The Cowboy Trail uses the right-of-way of the old Chicago North Western Railroad ‘Cowboy Line’, so called by the railroaders who ran it. It’s a lonely route traversing very rural Nebraska through the Sandhills. The Cowboy Line branched off of the CNW Mainline at Norfolk, Neb and the little municipal campground we are in is on the old grade about a mile from it’s beginning.


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