Friday, August 17, 2012

Westward we go

Oh, the trials of living on the road....Our router quit on our way back from Vermont.  For two people who live on the internet this situation needed our immediate attention.  We broke into the unassigned envelope and robbed many dollars.  We purchased a millenicom 3G/4G MyFi and paid for express mail to get it in time for us to leave again.  Our new envelope for it is paid from the unassigned emergency envelope. Not having the internets is an emergency!

What is express mail anyway? USPS says its mostly overnight.  We ordered it on the 14th and it was guaranteed delivery on the 15th.    It arrived today (the 17th) around 11 AM.  It seems that the company we ordered it from can get a full refund but we only get a refund if the company chooses to share.  What is wrong with this picture?  Anyway, Millenicom says we have it and we do (they said we shouldn't believe the Post Office and that we should get it today and we did) and isn't that grand?  Mostly we agree...but it would have been nice to get it yesterday so we could leave in the AM.

But now its all Westward Ho! until we can't go west anymore.  Tomorrow we will be at my sister's house in Bloomington, Il.  Katz tried to hide in the house.  We pried her from a corner of the upstairs closet and told her she really, really does like adventuring with us...she is just a slow starter!  We are not slow starters and are looking forward to many adventures on our journey.  Please join us.  I will try to post every day so you can tag along!

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