Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Twilight and Fellowship in Olympic

When we came to La Push, I knew it was a setting in the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyers.  I knew it was Jacob's homeland.  I did not know how important that was to the local folk of La Push.  This is the sign at the entrance to the Quileute tribal land.
  The La Push post office hand stamped the post cards I was mailing.  The Post Office has a sign up that lists the population as 320 people and 17 werewolves.  There is another sign for Bella's bulletin board.  What a hoot!  This morning sure looked like the setting of the book.
We went through Forks on our way to Hoh Rain Forest.  Big across the road sign for Stephanie Meyer's day.  It was last weekend, set by Bella's birthday!  The grocery store had Vampire wine!  You can take a tour of Twilight's Fork and there is a brochure that tells you of all the locations in the book.  You can rent a Bella Room, order an Edward hamburger (with lots of kechup).  I was amused.We stopped at the school so I could have my very own picture of "where they met"!
We traveled to the Hoh Rain Forest where we met the splitting image of what I think of as "Old Man Willow”, the bad tree that swallowed Merry and Pippin.  Neither of us wanted to sit against the tree.
These trees can be found on the Hall of Mosses walk. These wonderful Maple trees with a Do Not Enter sign made me think of Ents.  I could imagine them shaking the moss and ferns with a bellow.
Hows this for an old soon to be awakened Ent?
Looking in the water I could see the eyes that Frodo saw on his way to Mount Doom in Mordor.

 What a place.  The temperate rain forest had so many different mosses and ferns.
Trees grow on top of old trees in a row.
I think that tomorrow we will spend our last day looking at some very old trees and another rain forest.  What a world!  How fortunate to have the chance to see all of this.


  1. Anonymous8:01 PM

    werewolves? oooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!that is cool!!!

  2. Anonymous8:05 PM

    if you see this before you go, try to get a sunrise\sunset picture for me!


  3. Anonymous8:09 PM

    vampire wine? seriously? did you try a sip?


    1. No a bottle cost too much money for retired people! G'ma


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