Thursday, September 20, 2012

We [just] Made It! and Last Day in Olympic

When I saw that we would be traveling through a state capital today I thought: “Hey, any self-respecting state capital ought to have a Trader Joe’s”. And so it was that Salem, Oregon does, indeed, have a Trader Joe’s store. You see, this became important just this AM when I got the Bacon from the Larder and noticed that just three (3) slices remained.

The only bacon left.

Horrors! No more TJ’s [yummy] pre-cooked applewood smoked bacon (@33 calories/slice)! We left Bethel Park (Pa) one month ago with ten packages of this wonderful stuff and now we need more! Aha. Teh Interwebs to the rescue. Research revealed that Salem, Oregon has  aTrader Joe’s and that there is an RV campground just seven miles South. So away we went. Never mind  the nightmare of getting through Portland (similar to Pittsburgh with double-deck bridges with lane changes in the middle). We made it:

Entering the portal.

Ah! Success.
Another month's supply.
Breakfast secured.
Eggs, Chobani&Blueberries
are easy compared with
TJ’s Applewood Bacon.

We are now good to go....into the Hinterlands of  California, Nevada and Utah....


Wednesday September 19

Since I didn't post yesterday I wanted to share the two GIANT trees we saw.  We went to the Lake Quinault Rain Forest but it was too dark for any good pictures.  Then we climbed a trail to see a tree and it was a BIG OLD tree.  The first was a big cedar tree (but not the biggest) that had a walkable interior.  It was worth the walk!

The second big tree is a record big Sitka Spruce Tree.  Wow was it ever the largest Spruce tree we've seen!  What big trees.

Then this is the only picture from the Lake Quinault Rain Forest.  It was dark and very dim. It was easy to get much closer to the hanging mosses and the growing  items....

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  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    When RV'ing on such a long term basis, what about laundry? That occurred to me after Miss Katz's morning wake-up call for you.

    Awhile back, you mentioned pondering making your new life-style permanent. That leads to questions about mail, taxes, illnesses, doctors, storage of goods, etc. If you don't have a permanent home, what about vehicle license, voting, and that sort of thing.

    Perhaps, at some point in your blog commentary, you could talk about auch practical matters for those of us watching your world from afar.

    I never heard of Trader Joe's, but I sure can relate to the "need" for bacon!! LL


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