Friday, October 05, 2012

Chiricahua National Monument

We left the Saguaro National Park area and after visiting the grocery store in Benson we arrived at the campground in Wilcox.  It was time to do the wash, both the clothes and the people!  So the afternoon was spent going back and forth until all was clean.  We even washed the floor of Marco!

We watched the debate on our new Dish and had much needed drinks to go with it!

The next morning very early, we hitched up and headed to Chiricahua National Monument.  In 1984 we went to the Monument with Wade and June (Lew's folks) and literally did a drive-by.  I forget why we couldn't do a walk, but ever since, I wanted to go and walk down into the rocks.
So we did this four mile round trip hike down into the hoodoos and back again!

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