Sunday, October 21, 2012

Old Friends and Dinosaur Tracks

Here is a picture of me hiking when I was 15.  I'm with Donna (who took the pic) in the woods behind our houses.
We spent much of the last three days hiking and biking with Donna and Jim.
One of the places we went was Dinosaur Valley State Park.  We hiked between 2 and 3 miles around the park.

Some cool trees on the trail...
...and of course some Dinosaur footprint fossils!
We biked over 25 miles together on two different trails...
...and ate some good meals together.  Donna is a great cook so we had all kinds of good food and great desserts.  Here we ate at CiCi's pizza.
Tomorrow Jim goes off to work and we go on to more adventures.  It sure is great to adventure with old friends.


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