Monday, October 22, 2012

Pogo land!

After a few hours (while Lew did the hard work of getting Marco, Scape and Katz's ready to leave) of last minute...look at this...and I forgot to tell you about that....we left Donna's and Jim's place. 

As we traveled down the road I researched where to spend the night.  Passport America stops haven't thrilled us.  Neither has Coast2Coast places.  But we want cheap rather than expensive.  I FOUND it!

Cheniere Lake Park
Near West Monroe, Louisiana which is a new state for me, we pulled into the little city park of 8 RV spots and I was immediately taken with my first real look at Cypress trees and Spanish moss.
Look at this view!  Right from our door.  Why, its POGO land!  Did you read Pogo as a kid?  We have some of the Pogo cartoons.
A walkway took us out a bit to the Cypress Trees.
The Spanish Moss showed in the sunlight.
The seeds from the trees would make a big splash and we would look for an alligator!
I wonder what the green stuff is called.  Its under the fallen leaves.
And only 13.60 with water and electric!  What a bargain we found!



  1. Donna7:56 PM

    What great pictures of the cypress trees!

  2. It was the first time that I saw them in person! I was impressed. Seems this trip is our tree trip.


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