Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some days go on and on

Travel day.  We left the Cypress Tree land rather late around 9 AM.  We had to wait around to pay for our site.  Maybe that is why the day just dragged and we drove and drove and drove.

I had picked a city park in Gadsden, AL for our destination.  We finally arrived around 5 PM. 

When setting up Camp Johns, I do the checking while Lew backs up the trailer.  I do the jacks while Lew connects the electric,  water and sewer.  Then I open the door and Katz leaps out.  Normally she rolls on the cement as we finish connection and leveling.   

When we finished it all we went inside Marco so that Katz would follow.  Then I suggested a quick walk, knowing a surprise was in store for Lew: a lovely waterfall and a great hiking trail.
 So we went for a walk on it.
The leaves are turning here and just starting to fall.  It made us both smile to walk in Fall woods!  Its also a bike trail.
It was nearly dark when we got back to Marco&Katz.  We made a quick meal of eggs and Donna's farewell package of raisin bread.  Yum....
A long day with a good ending.



  1. trista8:08 AM

    Wow. That Brown Bread looks good. Does she bake it in a can?

    1. Yes she does. She bakes 3 cans at once.

  2. Donna2:46 PM

    Looks as tho you have found two city parks back to back that have neat stuff to see. We never check out city parks when we look for camping spots. I think we will keep that in mind! Enjoy your adventure.....


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