Thursday, October 25, 2012

Virginia Creeper Trail

Damascus, VA has more than nine trails that go through their little town.  One of them is the Virginia Creeper Trail which is a rail-trail.  The little town has eight bike shops that make their living renting bikes and shuttling people to the top of the mountain for the 17 mile downhill trip.
On October 29, 1971 we got married.  For our anniversary celebration this year we decided to bike the Virginia Creeper Trail.  Here we are at one of the old railroad stations.
 It was a GREAT trip.  This trail rates as one of the best rail trails in the nation and we agree.  It has over 300,000 riders per year with the vast majority in October to see the fall leaves.

Lots of signs tell you about the area.
 Some terrible sections of kudzu.
 It’s a plant that was imported from Japan in the 1920's and takes over everything.  Trees, houses, bushes.   We started seeing it in Louisiana and it is on its way to PA.

The trail goes downhill and beside a creek most of the way.
  Lots of wooden trestles.
A lovely 41st anniversary present to ourselves!


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  1. Val, Lakefield Ontario10:43 PM

    Happy Anniversary.
    I like the looks of that bike ride and will mark that trail in my book of places to visit.


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