Monday, October 29, 2012

Katz is home

We arrived back in Bethel Park just in time to avoid Sandy on the road.  Katz was not happy and refused to leave Marco for the house!  After hours of staying in Marco we carried her into the house.
We saw C and V along with the 'rents. Of course, I read a few books.
 Then when we were checking out the house, we notices a small leak in the basement!  Off to get shelving to prepare for Sandy!  Tents and add a room now safe!

Today 41 years ago we said we would be true through thick and thin.   We had a wonderful anniversary dinner!  We road the Virginia Creeper Trail for our anniversary adventure....but dinner today was wonderful.  We don't usually make french fries but Lew had white potatoes while I had sweet potato fries and a wonderful steak along with grilled mushrooms and onion.  Thats Hard Cider from NY that we are drinking.  Wow....


  1. Happy anniversary guys! 43 years for us and just like you, The Adventure Continues!

  2. Jan Johns2:47 AM

    Thanks Croft!


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