Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Crafts and stuff

For me the Holidays used to mean making presents.  Then I got a job and most of the projects went out the window.  Now that I retired, I've gotten back into making stuff!  I couldn't publish it until after the big present day.  I've been able to make all kinds of fun stuff...some of it even worked.

C made the house and V the two trees.

C designed the embroidery by choosing the colors and helped change the thread as the machine ran.

Serious cookie roller here.

C's wall hanging and Nates pillow.  Missing V's frog pillow.

House decorations included the 12 Days of Christmas that Wade made.

Making Mom and Dad's present.

Also made some stockings and a few things that didn't work out this year.  Along with more cookies and pecan rolls of course.

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