Monday, January 07, 2013

Broken MacBook Pro!

Broken MacBook Pro!  Oh NO!

     I spent a large part of the trip from South Carolina to Faver, turning my MacBook Pro on and off.  The screen was a dark grey, but it made sounds.  What to do?  Do we stop on the way?  No, it would be too cold to bike and it might be days until it is diagnosed and fixed.

Sometimes being a traveling house instead of just being on vacation requires a different paradigm. Lets look at this differently.  Our priority switches from simply "fun", to getting a working computer back!  So lets go to Blue Springs State Park.  I'll find the closest genius and we will take the Mac there.

Its a plan.  We arrive at Blue Springs.  I had checked ReserveAmerica and they had lots of sites.  Hmmmm, the gal at the desk tells us there are just three sights open.  We take one and set up.

Now, off to the Apple Store.  Wow is this place busy.  Seems they can't see us until Tomorrow!  Oh no....I want a fixed Mac today....We decide to drive to the Orlando store and to make an appt FIRST!

I love our GPS....which takes us to the Florida Mall through four lane traffic!  Yecks this isn't the streets of Pittsburgh.
The genius decides the screen is bad (so did Lew and I).  He told us I could exchange Lew's hard drive and mine.  I would be able to save files by using my hard drive in his MacBook Pro!  The bad news is that I never registered my AppleCare.  The information is back in Bethel Park, PA.  We will have to ask Adam for help.  The genius orders the part (600 dollars for a "screen clamshell"). Now the waiting begins.  After the genius has the part, they will call.  Then the computer will be in the Apple hospital for five days getting its transplant.  Sure did change our non-existent plan.

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