Sunday, January 06, 2013

Faver-Dykes State Park

Another where to stay problem!  I really don't like KOA type campgrounds.  I greatly prefer finding a state or city park that has an adventure on the side!

What can I find today?  We stop at the Florida Welcome Center where I get some free fresh squeezed OJ.  I ask for a state park campground brochure which the lovely lady behind the counter provides.  As we drive through Jacksonville, I look it over and pick Faver-Dykes as being around where we want to stop for the night.  Its 15 miles beyond St. Augustine.

Another great hit!  Huge sites with water and electric!  A lovely road to bike!  Its warm enough to bike!  Wow!  We set up camp, then get on the bikes and take a ride to the river.  Lovely!
No pictures of the was too dark when we remembered!

Katz spent another evening exploring the campsite and purring!  She is one happy camper!


  1. Donna3:28 PM

    We really like the St. Augustine area. We have looked at homes in the Palm Coast area near a bike trail.

  2. We had some issues with the traffic. I did remember the houses.


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