Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cheap Disney Food

Today Lew seems to be a bit under the weather.  So he stayed in the trailer while I went over to Magic Kingdom.  I was there for the opening show and went directly to the new feature "Voyage of the Mermaid".  It has a huge waiting area which I raced through.  I didn't have to wait.  It was a cute ride with many of the creatures from Nemo along with Princess Ariel.

The line for "Tales with Belle" was over 60 minutes.  I talked to an eight year old who did it and she loved the scenery and walking through the magic door into the Beast's library.  Does a librarian's heart good to hear all those kids wanting to see a library.

I did go and tour the gorgeous dining hall "Be Our Guest"  It's supposed to be the dance hall of the Beast.  I wanted to eat lunch in the hall, so I phoned Lew who came over to meet me.  The line at 10:45 was an hour wait.  Lew wasn't interested in that kind of line so we went and got a chicken meal that we split.  Seems many of the meals are quite sharable for us.  The chicken works particularly well and is offered in all four Parks. We split the chicken, Lew eats most of the fries and the cole slaw.  I have most of the beans.  It cost $13 with the fries.
Lew decided to head back to the trailer after riding the train around the park.  I decided to first do memory lane stuff.
When I was 12 my folks took all six of us kids to the New York World's Fair where I saw all kinds of wonders.  Pepsi had a ride called Its a Small, Small World and Disney had the Carousel of Progress.  So I went to those and thought about taking six kids in a small trailer to the World's Fair.  Thanks Mom and Dad for those great memories.  I wish I had thanked you in person then but kids sometimes don't really "get" all the stuff parents do.  I remember though. So while I was left behind twice, I remember good stuff too.
I rode the other big crowd items like Mickey's PhilharMagic and Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, watched the musical at the castle and saw the parade from the train station.
When I got back to the trailer, Lew thought he was well enough to see Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios.  It is a great show to end a nice day.


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