Saturday, January 19, 2013

Today we went to Animal Kingdom again where we went directly to Rafiki's Planet Watch where the vet hospital is located.  We wanted to go first thing so that lunch would not interrupt watching the surgery.  Today a Green Junglefowl was first on the table. 

A possible problem in the gizzard area is shown in the x-ray.  Maybe a piece of medal.
We finally move along a bit and hear all about the African Bull Frog (which has teeth).  They can eat small birds!
We finally left and went to the Flights of Wonder show which is all about birds.
We want to stay and see the parade since we have such fond memories of C dancing along with the parade.  So we walked the streets of Asia and saw the bats being fed.
Little pieces of some kind of fruit (it looked like watermelon) were dangled on a hook on that blue stick.  The bat would pull the stick toward his mouth and take the fruit.
We found a bit of sidewalk for the parade and sat down and waited.  The crowd built to a fine level.
Finally the parade creatures appeared.
I am finding my intolerance of crowds to be sadly affecting my enjoyment of Disney.  I wonder if it is related to my problems with driving on busy streets.  It causes me to have a pounding heart and I frequently break out in a deep sweat.  I am terrified of becoming separated from Lew or while driving, getting lost. Since I was left behind twice by my parents that might have a part to play in this possible phobia.  In any case, I think we will attempt to not fight with crowds for the rest of our stay.  Its too stressful and this is supposed to be fun.


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  1. Anonymous11:06 PM

    As someone who experienced my first panic attack at 10 yrs old and my last at 38, I am curious. Is the problem of driving on busy streets something that has recently started? Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay. The campsite looked good. Haven't been there in many years. Doing elder care at the moment. Have an Aframe and trying to decide whether to go with a 14ft regular trailer for later travels. I also went to RV Sue from your blog
    and I really like it.
    Val, Lakefield Ontario


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