Friday, January 18, 2013

Fireworks and Neighbors

Yesterday when we returned from Animal Kingdom, we noted we had new neighbors.  A guy got out of his car and unhitched his trailer.  Funny, he had bikes for more than one person.  Soon, he had set up the trailer with an awning that included many lights.  Oh well.  Next many people appeared with multiple dogs, none on leashes.  We quickly got Katz in from her chair in the addition. Oh no, now he is unloading firewood!  Lots of firewood.  Hope he understands the Ft. Wilderness rules on campfires.  Kids appear driving golf carts.  Now the kids start yelling and running up and down the road.

We need to go and watch the Electrical Parade again and maybe the fireworks.  By then everyone will have settled down and maybe decided to visit a park or two. After the Parade, we decide to leave early rather than fight the fireworks crowd.  That decision brought about the neatest experience.  The fireworks started as we left the MK dock.  The boat captain literally drifted for nearly the entire fireworks display so we got to watch it completely from the boat.  It really showed us that the fireworks are aimed toward the Contemporary and that they are set off from at least three positions.  We saw hearts and stars that we've never seen before.  It was so cool to have such an viewpoint for the fireworks.

Back at the campground, a fire is raging next door with the wind blowing sparks right toward our house.  The kids in the campground were screaming and racing on carts back and forth in front of our place.  Lew went out and used a flashlight to shine on them with the hopes that parents would notice and call in the kids.  Nope.  A person stopped and reminded our neighbors that open flames aren't allowed.  They put the required steel cover on it for about 15 minutes then let it roar some more.  Around 11 PM we went and called the front desk about the fire and the screaming kids.  The security guys came and told our neighbor....that someone had complained.  Since they saw us go to the phone....well...we were not happy.  But the fire got covered and stayed covered.  It was very late when we finally got some sleep.

This morning we went to the front desk and complained.  Our daughter-in-law will be so proud of us.  We just stated our case and said we were not happy.  We were assigned another site even closer to the ferry and given a refund for one [noisy, smelly, nerve-wracking] night. While it meant we had to move, it was a cold, rainy day and we used it to do grocery shopping too.  No parks visited but here is site 534, our new spot.


  1. Busy weekend at The Fort. Our new campsite is also blessed with little ones piloting fast electric ride'um toys on the road: one an electric scooter and the other an electric go-cart which are low, fast and very hard to see in time.

    1. trista9:46 PM

      You are right. I am smiling and proud of you all the way back home in Pittsburgh.


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