Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crowds, rides and food.

Neither of us likes being in a crowd. It is why we thought January at Disneyworld would work for us.  Seems we can't get around the crowd factor.  It is busy!  Its not summer but the crowds are far bigger than when we visited Disneyworld in 2009.  

We have been very successful in each park in the early morning.  We can ride what we want without lines for about a half hour.  Then the lines are short but manageable for me and my foot..  By early afternoon its time for shows or home.  Last night we went over the visit Fantasyland in MK and found the crowd level beyond our tolerance so we left.  Wall to wall people is not our happy place.  

For example:  Today we appeared at Animal Kingdom in time for the opening.  We rode the roller coaster "Everest" without a line. 

We then walked to the safari ride and waited maybe ten minutes.  After that ride we walked through the zoo part of Africa.  We took the train to the animal hospital where they had just finished operating on a duck.
 I listened to the vet answer all kinds of neat questions.  Did you know that ducks recover from anesthesia faster than mammals because they breathe differently getting more oxygen into their systems faster?  We also enjoyed watching the handler feed food to the insects.
By then it was lunchtime.  After lunch we went to a show, "Festival of the Lion King".  Two more rides and it was starting to get too crowded and a threat of rain.  Time to quit until this evening.

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