Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How will we manage.

Today we try to beat the crowds. Well you win some then you lose some. We started with an early morning Animal Kingdom where we rode the Everest roller coaster three times in a row.  I was rollered out and the lines were growing.  The crowd manager recommended Hollywood Studios so we left Animal Kingdom and went to Hollywood.  Wow was it crowded.  Lew waited in the single line for rock 'n roll coaster nearly an hour while I not terribly patiently waited.  We had chicken for lunch and rode Backlots and Great Movie.  The wait for Tower of Terror was 50 minutes.  Time to leave.  Evening we went over to Magic Kingdom and missed everything.  We left before the fireworks in dismay over the crowds.  30 minutes for any coaster, the train closed, the new ride broken.  Sigh we need a plan

We are developing a plan of how to manage visiting the theme parks. First, we need to leave as early as possible.  Somewhere near eight o'clock has been our goal.   I'd like closer to 7:30 but that hasn't happened yet.  We are getting up around 6:15 using our coffee pot as the Katz alarm.  Katz hears it start and sits and stares at Lew until he stirs.  That gets me going next.  Once we fold up my bed and make it into the couch with table we can drink our coffee.  After a cup or two  we start fixing our breakfast of blueberries, bacon and eggs. Over breakfast we decide which park and what to do about lunch (in or out).  We have to clean up ourselves and the house.  Katz is sleeping in the addition by this time we are ready to think about leaving.   We still have to decide how to fix the house for her (fan on?  Air conditioning?  Windows open?)  Finally its where are the tickets?  Do either of us need a light jacket?  Lets go.
It seems to take us longer to get out the door.  Must be that the morning rush of retirement makes us slower.
  We will come back in the afternoon or for lunch.  Then leave again for evening/supper.  Maybe a second park since we our annual pass allows you to enter any park any time.


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