Tuesday, January 15, 2013


We went off to Epcot for the early opening and rode Soarin' twice before the line got longer than 20 minutes.  Next was the always interesting to us Living Land.  The plants the Mouse grows in that place are very interesting.  My personal favorite is the tomato tree.

A ride on Test Track and we are off to lunch.  Lew got Fish and Chips for lunch and I ate a quiche from France.  Yum.  Then the  crowds overwhelmed us.  An hour wait for Soarin'?  Not us.  Back to Fort Wilderness. 

Finally!  I have my MacBook back!  We checked voice mail when we came back for lunch and the message was sent yesterday (Monday night).   It's finally done. We can't get over how busy the stores are here in Florida.  The Florida Mall Apple Store has over 220 employees.  Over 100 techs.  It still took five days (and a call)  for them to get to our computer.  Wow.  But I now have it back! 

For our evening entertainment we watch the fireworks from in front of the train station.  I can barely see Tinklebell open the fireworks...but I do see her fly through the sky.

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