Saturday, January 12, 2013

Clean Lands

I am constantly amazed with how clean this place is kept. This is a photograph of Nelson whose job description includes cleaning the garbage cans in Fort Wilderness.  All 700 of them.  He sprays and washes the garbage cans.  I'm not sure how often.  I commented to him and he was so happy that someone noticed what he does.  I promised to fill our a comment sheet on what a great job he does.  He was thrilled.
ANTS!  Oh no...we have Ants.  So first thing this morning we bike to the campground store to buy ant killer.  None on the shelf.  The nice lady suggested we call maintenance and ask for help in fighting ants.  Within an hour of calling a man with a spray nozzle and stuff...sprayed our pad.  We still run off to Walmart to purchase ant traps and spray.  But the ants seem to be dying (I mean disappearing from sight).  I left an ant trap outside and some critter came and ate it.  I hope it doesn't die.

Today we biked and I went swimming along with the Ants and cleaners! 

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