Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm hot

Its been over 80 every day here in Orlando. I'm hot.  I'm also getting bored as we wait for the Apple store to call.  To help relieve the boredom,  I went swimming at the Fort Wilderness campground pool.
The waterslide is from the defunct River Country water park.  The water was so full of chemicals that I knew my skin couldn't handle another swimming experience here.  Is it because of the number of kids?  Why so bad?  Hmmmmm....

Next I decide to try swimming at Typhoon LagoonA single day pass is $52.  An annual pass is $106.  I decide to spend the money on an annual pass.  That way if Lew quits at the theme parks, I can go for a swim in the afternoonI leave around 2 PM and drive over all my myself!  Yeh me! The guy at the ticket purchasing booth, explained that this one time I need id but that in the future I only need the annual ticket for the park.  I don't have to worry about someone stealing it so don't spend money on something to carry it around.  If it is lost or stolen, I give them my phone number and my fingerprint and they will issue another annual ticket.  When I enter, I learn all about the drinks in TL. You can buy a mug for $10 but it is only good for a day.  If you return, you can purchase a sticker for $6.50 for that day.  Seems you can refill ASAP in that mug.  Since Lew and I don't do High Fructose Corn Syrup getting a mug is rather dumb. I find the changing room and check out the showers for when I leave.   Since I have my wallet (for the annual pass id) I purchase a locker.  I won't do it again but for this first time, I will.  Now I have everything stowed in the locker and I'm ready to water park!

First on the list is Shark Reef.  I snorkeled in Hawaii and wanted to see what TL was like.  Being the Mouse, the snorkeling equipment was chlorinated to sanitize.  There was no line so I went right in the pool.  I saw lots of stingrays, two sharks and tons of fish in the very short salt water swim.  I decided to go on rather than do that again.

Next the body slides.   Simply because of how close they were to Shark Reef.  I took the high adventure ride and thought it was fun.  Next was the five story drop body ride.  I walked up the five story worth of stairs only to learn I can't wear my glasses even with a strap.  Oh well,  no glasses means no ride for me.

On to the tube rides... since I'm not afraid of heights, water, twists or bumps...they were OK.  I did really enjoy the "roller coaster" called crusher.  It went up and down, which was fun for a water slide.

Then the wave was stupendous.  I've never experienced anything like it.  One HUGE wave at least six feet high.  It actually made me count the number of lifeguards (10).  I guess what makes it safe is that it is a single huge wave instead of a group of large waves.

Great fun and I'm sure I'll go back.


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  1. We like typhoon lagoon too, but we also like Blizzard beach. I don't remember if typhoon had a lazy river, but I know blizzard beach does. That was my favorite thing to do, go around and around on the inter tubes. You should go there too, if the pass would let you. I wish I was there with you. We would have a ball.


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