Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Home Sweet Home

We made it back to Bethel Park, Pa in three 320 mile days with many bathroom&rest breaks.  We simply stayed at KOA campgrounds since they are quick and easy with clean showers for Lew. Our first night was Point South KOA which is north of Savannah.  The second night was Wythville, Virgina where the temperature got below freezing and the water line would have frozen if Lew hadn't disconnected it.

We pulled in Sunday.  Trista and C had shoveled our driveway so we were able to just back in and unload the essentials. (Thanks Trista and C!)  It was warm enough that we just figured it won't freeze overnight.  We rested and were just thankful we made it back.

Monday we winterized and finished unloading.  We did wash and Lew went and got some Pizza for lunch.  That didn't go over well with my innards.

Tuesday I went to our doctor.  Lots of blood drawn and a not happy me.  I'm on a clear fluid diet for 24 hours.  With a call to the doctor's on Friday if I'm not Greatly Improved.  Some of the blood work is to check pancreas function along with strange bacteria stuff.   The threat of more tests will probably make it all fine!

Laying around sick meant time to finally figure out Google AdSense.   AdSense is finally fixed and working.  You can buy at our Amazon link and we should get credit!


  1. Donna7:58 AM

    Home sweet home........Hope all the tests come out clean as a whistle. Thinking about you....

  2. Get well quick! There are more roads to explore!


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