Sunday, February 03, 2013

Ridgecrest Resort and PEAR park, Leesburg, Fl

Lew and I are still sick.  Lew is on this third day of antibiotics.  Now I'm the one with renewed fevers. On Edit, I went to urgent care the evening of the 4th with a temp of 102.9 and tested + for flu.

Ridgecrest Resort campground has  a bike path adjacent to the campground. I figured we would be able to leave when we both feel well enough to ride the trail.  It's also a Passport America campground which for us means two nights at 15.00 a night.  Any additional nights cost $29.00 a night.  It is about an hour northwest of Disneyworld near Leesburg, Fl.

The bathrooms are spotless.  The laundryroom is also very clean.  The pool and spa like extremely well care for.  We don't much care for our spot but we asked to be where the wifi worked well so this is it.

The P.E.A.R (Palatlakaha Environmental & Agricultural Reserve) park is within biking range.  This park used to be owned by the University of Florida agriculture department.  A map of the park shows various paths.

To get to the path one bikes through the RV park to a trail that connects to a little road.

Its a short half mile on the road to the "back" park entrance.
The path that includes biking isn't very nice.  Its sand which makes it hard to bike.

I went on this path before I started getting more fevers and chillls.  Now we are just hanging and watching TV over netflix.  Hopefully by tomorrow we will feel a bit better.  Lew will be on day four of drugs.


  1. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Hope you both feel better soon

    Val R. Lakefield On.

  2. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Thanks, Lew is certainly getting better. I'm the slow one now.


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