Friday, February 01, 2013

Still Sick

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday----Lew is still sick.  I'm getting better and leave every afternoon and visit a park.  I've taken the pictures for Lew to do a blog on Disney Trains.

Hidden Mickeys
Have I mentioned looking for Hidden Mickeys?  Yesterday i found a book on them.  I've been mildly entertaining myself looking for the hidden Mickeys.  The plates at the Haunted Mansion make a cool hidden mickey for instance.

I've been going to shows that Lew wouldn't particularily want to spend time at.  For instance, I went to the American Idols show at Hollywood.  I tried for the stunt show, but the smoke proved beyond me so I left it.   I also went to Epcot and watched the Reflections of China....walked through the China great Tomb display.  Listened to the acapella Americans sing, watched the Chinese acrobats, watched the French waiters.  Generally spent time in each park doing different things from what Lew and I do together.  I call Lew frequently to make sure he is OK.

Friday--at Last its a Doctor Visit---
Thursday night Lew thinks he should go to the doctor's instead of going to PA.  He really is feeling poorly and I've been nagging for days.  Amy called and gave her two cents worth.  I called the Urgent Care and they had a 2 hour wait at 9 PM...Lew didn't feel like waiting for 2 hours.  Instead we go Friday morning to the Buena Vista Clinic.  We arrive at 8:15 and we are out of the office within a half hour with a prescription in hand.  Lew is now taking azithromycin.  He doesn't have pneumonia.  He does have an upper respiratory infection.  Hopefully his high nighttime fever and night sweats will quit soon.  
After those nighttime sweats quit we will decide on our next course of action.  We might return to PA or do some traveling in Florida.  Until then we have settled into a Passport America site (15 dollars a night) for the next two nights.  Its near Leesburg, Fl about an hour from Disney.  It is connected to a park which has a bike path.  That bike path connects to the West Orange Trail that Donna and Jim like.   I'm saying we leave here, after Lew feels well enough to at least walk to the path.  

The campground is a 55+ campground with a pool.   Our site is jammed between two fulltime trailers.  Not the nicest sites but certainly the cheapest!  We set up Katz her add a room.  She immediately noticed the cat that lives under the trailer next door.  That scared her right inside. Do you see the cat under the trailer?  She has on a leash and is in a cardboard box.

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