Friday, February 22, 2013

Music and Sewing

As I get better, so does the stitching.  I went off to JoAnn Fabrics and bought the binding material and some backing.  I wanted to buy material for the back but I didn't like anything better than what I had a home.  So I went home.  Then I started working on putting it all together.
First I pinned everything together using the pins I got from Adam, Trista, C and V for Christmas.  By enlarging the picture you can see that the pins are bent.  It makes it easier to get it all flat.  I'm pining instead of basting the pieces together.

Then I had to be patient and not do any more sewing until we could check that the light outside at night was blocked by the layers of the quilt.  Instead I put stuff away.  I roll up the various pieces of strips that I made but didn't use.
Then I put the thread away by the thread color number in the drawer of the dressing table that is now a sewing table.

That drawer used to hold Jerri's and my make-up when we were teens. 

This evening we went off to watch C perform.  She wrote the music she is performing for the school talent show.  Of course, we think she was the best!  Imagine writing the piece you are performing and she is only in fourth grade!  Wow!


  1. You do really nice work. I wish we lived closer so you could show me how to do that. I'm impressed. Well done.

  2. Thanks! I see so many mistakes. I wish we lived closer. How about a retreat for the two of us half way? I'd do it!

  3. I'm In. When and where? Are you feeling better?


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