Monday, March 04, 2013

Car Troubles

How long can we drive our Escape? That is what we were discussing on the way home from Ikea. Paid for and running fine @ 116,000 mi (32,000 mi towing 3,000lb Marco) we were talking about how we might just continue for at least a year and maybe two years without car payments....Suddenly the engine began to miss. Gaa! We limped home and thought a bit. The Googles  produce tales of woe RE "Escape engine miss" (could be the engine computer - $1200 and up) but it could be as simple as a fuel filter. But it's Winter. Hmm.

After sleeping on it we drove off Saturday AM to the Ford dealer where we upgraded to a brand new Escape. This is the first new car we have bought since 1972 (a Volkswagen Beetle). The nice Ford people gave us $5000 trade in as well as honoring the discounted internet price of $24,500 on the new car. We were happy to find a 4X4 Escape with no frills except the big engine (required for the 3500 lb tow rating) and were not ready to start down the road of diagnosis&repair so it turned out to be just the right car at a very good price.... at just the right time.

Marco's new Toter

The "big engine" for towing is a 2.0L 4cyl Turbocharged wonder of modern technology. At 122 cubic inch displacement this little mill pumps out 237HP and has more torque than the 3.0L V6 it replaces. Plus, at 21/28 MPG the EPA fuel mileage rating for our new four wheel drive Escape is higher than our old front wheel drive Escape was.



  1. Wow! A new car! We have not bought a new vehicle since, lets see... our '81 Toyota Corolla. The current motorhome was "sort of" new. It was three years old but was unused, having sat on a CA dealer's lot until it was repossessed by the finance company. It had only delivery miles on it and the appliances had never been used.

    I think that Escape will be just what you need. Enough power to tow and great economy for exploring.

  2. Yup. We are happy to have AWD also. Our old Escape didn't and that got us in trouble a couple times while towing. Ford is betting heavily on these little Turbocharged engines and I guess we are betting on Ford....of course, we also bought Ford ESP bumper to bumper $100 deductible for 125,000mi.

    I can't wait to tow Marco with it. With the 6 speed automatic and 275ft# of torque I want to try it on a little mountain near us that the old rig went up at 28mph wide open in second.


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