Thursday, March 07, 2013

Binding is not my favorite part of a quilt project as it turns out.  I first tried to bind it a week ago using a machine zig-zag method. It didn't work for me. Some parts were fine but others bunched up and rolled.  I spent the evening ripping out that method.  I thought I had my problem figured out so I tried it again.  Then spent another evening ripping it out again.

Next I tried to hand sew it.  I used to LOVE hand sewing.... 30 years ago.  Now my eyes water and I can't see what the heck I'm doing.  Another evening spent ripping out stitches.

Back to the machine.  I tried to machine stitch it from the back like some sites recommended....but that made for a rather crappy looking front. More stitches to rip out.

So I ended up pinning the binding and very slowing machine stitching from the front.  I decided I didn't care how off the back was.   So yesterday I finished the binding.  Here it is from the back.  You can see what I machine quilted from the back also.
Katz likes sewing projects.  She will drive me nuts over thread.

Today I added the buttonholes at the top.  Then Lew put the eyehooks in the window frame.
The finished project.
It will keep out the pesky street light and looks so pretty!  Don't you agree?

Next project is a quilt for the cot used by the Grandkids when they visit!  Lots of fun up until I bind it.

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  1. Jan- I love the quilt, beautiful work! Maria


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