Friday, June 28, 2013

Craigslist and Legos

I've been chilling at Bethel Park, getting over a cold I got on our return flight from Spain.  For me, chilling means lots of internet surfing.

Our kids loved Legos.  They had a huge blue lego bag full of legos.  This is the only picture from the past that has Legos.  Every Christmas for years when someone asked me what to get either of them for Christmas, my answer was legos.  Note that my sister Jenny is the one interested in putting things together. This is when we lived in Butler.  It was Christmas 1980, we think.

Last year, Amy mentioned to me how expensive Legos were and to watch for any at garage sales, etc.  Living in Vermont, she has far fewer occasions to find such treasures.

So while I was sick, I was checking Craigslist for any bargains.  I looked everyday at RVs and Mobile Homes just so I know the prices.  I typed in Legos and found a very interesting ad that listed 20# of legos for $50.00.  It had just appeared 10 minutes ago.  So I texted the guy and he said he would met me the next day near a restaurant.  I sealed the deal and the next day we met the 19 year old man who was selling off his collection.  Wow!  Check out the Legos!.  I spent a day cleaning legos and then we spent at least one day putting together the Spanish Armada.....
Yesterday we had C and V over and of course, we broke open the Legos!
The house the C built.

Furnished, of course.
V and I built this one.

It was a fun day....we think we will take the ship apart and see if our children can put it together while we vacation at Ithaca next week.

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