Sunday, June 30, 2013

Art doesn't need eyesight!

Today I went and visited my cousin, Mary and her husband Jim.

     She had some stuff of my Mom's and some pictures to share with me.  So before we can go off vacationing, we needed to visit Mary and pick up the "stuff".
Mary's husband, Jim,  is blind.  That doesn't stop him from being a very talented stone carver.

As Jim showed Lew his work, Mary and I sat and talked away.

We looked over a box of pictures and Lew took a few photos of the photos that Mary had in her container.
Great Grandma McCafferty with Uncle Jack

Aunt Cora who lived above the butcher store and who Micheal found dead.

Grandma and Grandpa McCafferty with Uncle Jack around 1928 at Ocean City?

The entire visit the birds talked in the background.  Mary and Jim love kids and animals but Mary has always been asthmatic and unable to be around cats and dogs without reactions.  She discovered that she wasn't allergic to birds!  So birds is what they have.

Fun visit.  It was so nice to see a cousin without a funeral!  Any other cousins interested in getting together?


  1. Frances5:30 PM

    Art truly does not need sight. This amazing sculptor has art in his soul!! his hands see what most eyes do not see. Where some see simply stones......... he sees animals, people, books, lovers and so much more. I know him well and my heart bursts with pride and love for him. HE IS MY BROTHER!!!

  2. Frances, we have blogged for years and yours is the best, most relevant comment we have ever received. Thank you.

    Jim is, indeed, more than meets the eye.


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