Friday, July 05, 2013

Altoona Days

July 3-5
Bikes, Trains and Roller Coasters!

     We left Rockwood after biking on the Great Allegheny Passage for three days.  We went to Cresson Spring Restaurant to have lunch with Laura Lynn.  From the Restaurant one can see the main line of the PPR railroad.  Three trains went past as we ate and talked.  Laura Lynn came to our campground here in Altoona in order to check out the railroad theme campground here at Wright's Orchard Campground.
Back in my days as a Berlin-Brothersvalley Librarian, we stayed here while I took classes at the local IU.  The owner's father had been a PRR railroad employee (along with a large part of the town).  Here is a part of the model railroad that used to be a part of the office.

     New bike trail!
     East of Canoe State Park is a bike trail that was donated by Mr. Lower (rhymes with Flower).  It is a 100% privately operated rails to trails.  It follows the Petersburg Branch of the old Pennsylvania Railroad which follows the old Pennsylvania Canal path.  alongside the Juniata River.  Its a really nice trail with ruins of the canal and railroad.  Lots of fun biking it. 

After we biked Lew wanted to train watch.  We drove off to Horseshoe Curve then to the Gallitzin Tunnel for more!

Old Roller Coasters!
     Lakemont Amusement Park in Altoona has the world's oldest operating roller coaster called Leap-the-Dips.  It costs five dollars to enter the park and $2.50 to ride the roller coaster.  Of course, I've always wanted to do this and now I have! 

We also road the train at the amusement park.  You go around Ponyshoe curve on this railroad! 

All in all a very successful visit to Altoona, PA.

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