Sunday, July 14, 2013


Ithaca July 6-13

Ithaca is a great "middle" location between Pittsburgh and Stamford, Vt. 

     In April Amy looked into us all vacationing in the Ithaca area which has several state parks. The one place that had  cabins and a campsite with electric open was Taughannock Falls State Park. So that is where we headed for a meet-up on July 6. 
     We arrived around 2 PM and got our campsite "2" all set up.

     After we had a fine spaghetti meal, C and I went and heard " Steve Southworth & The Rockabilly Rays" play at the lake while the parents had their first try at bed for the littler ones.  I taught C how to do the twist to Chuck Berry's song, "Let's do the twist."  She wasn't impressed.

     The next morning we settled into our routine.  Amy would appear with Nate who would drink OJ with us as we finished our coffee.  Then Cordelia and Violet would appear for a fine breakfast with multiple courses:
1. cereal
2. yogurt and blueberries 
3. fake sausage or bacon
4. eggs
5. hash browns

I think breakfast went over very well every morning.

Grandpa with nearly 2# of Hash Browns

After breakfast, it was time to play in the add-a-room usually with at least with one Dad who wanted coffee.  

     After Lego time, it was off to see something in the area.  Mostly Grandma and Grandpa stayed behind, but we did go for the walk to the falls.

     We frequently had lunch out, sometimes at a restaurant like  Moosewood.  Its a well known vegetarian restaurant, which did not disappoint me this trip either. 

Next is was time for swimming in the lake.  Trista, Violet and Cordelia would usually go first.  After Nate attempted a nap, the rest would appear.  I varied. 

We took Cordelia for a trip to find a geocache and then a walk at Robert Treman State Park, which is Lew's favorite activity in the area.
This was an easy one to find!
Gorges everywhere in Ithaca.
Fossil in one of the 223 steps.

We also had a great time at the Children's Garden.  Cordelia enjoyed the mud path while the little ones liked the playground.  Everyone LOVED the turtle.

The day would end with cousin fun at the cabins.

We were sorry to have the great fun end.  Bye until the next family vacation.


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