Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Birthday Week at Stamford

After Ithaca we drove to Amy's,
where the birthday celebrations continued.  We went to the lovely Williamstown bakery and purchased various sinful items like chocolate torte (gluten free), blueberry crumble, and a wonderful strawberry cake with buttercream icing.  We bought it all.  After all it was Amy's birthday.

We went to Windsor Lake where I got the senior pass.

And Nate got to bury my feet. 

On Wednesday we took a picnic meal of Chilled Fruit Soup and bread to the Lake where Amy, Chris and Nate appeared.  So much fun.  After splashing around, we ate.  They left and I did water aerobics followed by a song or two by a local band.  

Friday, we went with Amy to run errands in Pittsfield and to have a brunch at "The Kitchen".  We had a lovely meal of peach stuffed French toast. The French toast was coated with corn flakes.  It was quite yummy.  It is a lovely time to just spend with Amy.  Nate went to Melissa's that day.

Saturday Chris made another birthday cake for his present.  Actually it was two cakes.  One we ate Saturday for dessert in our add-a-room.
Then the Main Cake which went off to a role playing meet at a friend's house on Sunday.  Here it is before it is "all gone".
A wonderful fun birthday week celebration with our daughter and her family.

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