Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Trains and boats and bikes.

We got tired of not seeing new places so it was off to Burlington to see something different.  We hoped to stay in the North Campground, but it was full.  We went to the next closest to the bike path, Mallett's Bay Campground.

I had read about the Island Line Rails to Trails causeway back in 2010.  In 2011 it was severely damaged by flooding and closed.  Over a million dollars was spent to fix it.  It was re-opened this spring.  Here is a picture of the causeway back in the day.
It is 3.1 miles of Lake Champlain on both sides. 6.2 round trip from the closest parking lot.
With mountains in the distance.
Along with islands and birds.
We managed to watch a sailboat go between the causeway.  On weekends a ferry is available to continue biking on the other side.
We met a couple from Montreal who volunteered to take our picture together!
A large part of the causeway is seen in this picture.  Just follow the line of trees across the water.  Neat huh?
The day started rainy but sure ended pretty.  It is a really lovely bike ride.

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  1. Time for an update on what's happening with you folks Jan.


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