Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day Three Flamenco Show

The driver was a half hour late picking us up.  That made for a bad start.  The show didn't start until we arrived.  But we were ordering food while the dancers were performing as well as eating the food during the show.  To start with the show is in the gypsy section of Granada in a cave.
We sat at the very back up on a platform.

The sound system did not work, so the four performers used their very talented guitar playing and voice without a system.

Two of us had pork.
Two of us had a fish dish.

None of us liked our food.  The performers were good but none of us are flemenco experts so who knows we could be wrong.
Our walk through the Albaicin section was very lackluster.
We would not recommend this for anyone visiting the area.


  1. We have learned these canned "Tourist Shows" are not the way to go. When we visited Havana we simply walked the streets until we heard good music and then walked in. Much better shows and much cheaper prices.

    But having said that, even a poor show is better than no show at all! Keep up the posts, I love enjoying your adventure with you.

  2. Anonymous4:41 PM

    I'm surprised that you didn't like it. but still, they are gypsys. c


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