Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day Four to the Coast and Back

Another grand day here in Granada.  The temperature is starting to warm up.  Which means three people are happy and one is not too glad.  But we go off to meet our guide for our trip to the Coast.

At 9:30  Micheal met us at the entrence  to Hotel Victoria.  First we drove to the Caves of Narja.  I thought we would see some cave art date back to Neanderthal man.  While the caves where fine, the art work is closed to the public.  I did not know that.
Here are some pictures of the caves.

 World’s largest stalagmite
I preferred Carlsbad caves to this one...but this was far less strenuous.  After the caves we went to have lunch at a beach restaurant.

I got my head wet in the Mediterranean Sea.  The water was cold.
 In front of me was the city of Nerja.

Eggplant lasgnana lunch.

 Grilled fish for Shannon
Dee and Carole had paella with fish, shellfish, chicken and rice.

Just a spectacular day!  I learned that the State owned National areas, you can not camp.  Seems Micheal owns a motorhome to go to the coast and wind surf.    But you can stay in cities and parking areas.  All the coast is owned by the state.  In parking areas for the access to the beaches you can park your camper for a night or two.  Some private campgrounds are around also with full hookups.  It was a great day.

We ended our evening at Antonio's place where we got Sangria's, fried eggplant, green croquettes, fried squid, and a hot potato.  We then switched to Alhambra beer.  Antonio treated us to a wonderful honey rum with a twist of lemon.  We sure enjoyed his and his sister's restaurant.

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    Oh - the croquettes were always my favorite!!! - Annie


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