Saturday, June 15, 2013

Days Five, Six and Seven

Day Five
We traveled from Granada to Seville by rail.
Tracks at Granada....Goodbye Sierra Nevada

We had the four seats near the end of the car with a table between us.

Big windows for watching the olive trees go by.
Some people take their bikes along.  Kinda cool.

We arrived at our apt. in Seville and took off to see the sights.  We walked for quite a bit and went  to 
 the Metropol Parasol.  Once we found the entrance, we had a grand view of the city.

That night we went out and ate great tapas and drank much wine...It sure was good.
Day Six
 We went on a bike tour of Seville.  It was a great ride.  It also made us realize that we should have spent at least one more day in Seville.  

Then more food and a visit to the Seville Cathedral

Columbus's tomb
Columbus's tomb

After more food and drink

We wondered the streets looking for some flamenco shows.  Instead of a show we ran across Roman ruins.  Something we've been told happens alot!

Day Seven
We got on the fast train to Madrid.  It had the same types of seats but included a snack car.  Like much of the bars, it consisted of standing room.

Busy Train....Busy Madrid station.  We have arrived at our last apartment!

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