Monday, June 10, 2013

Day Two: Granada

We started out on this cool Granada day walking to the Plaza Nueva, where we met up with our tour guide and the bikes.  This was such an awesome trip.  We started off biking up a steep hill to the Alhambra.

 I loved the electric bike.  I could not have done this tour without it.  This is the gate that Queen Isabelle had moved stone by stone.

We did learn that the Spanish folk conquered Granada by diplomacy rather than battle.   Then Queen Isabelle raided all of the graves for gold.  Since were will be visiting the Alhambra tomorrow we did not spend much time there but instead biked onward to the Albayz√≠n which is the muslim area of Granada.  It is full of winding twisting streets and staircases.  Built to confuse any invader.  From the Plaza San Nicolas we could see the entire Alhambra across the valley.

Then we biked to Sacromonte, the gypsy area where we saw shops built into the caves.  It is also where you can easily see the the two towers.  Both are now Catholic churches.  Which one was built originally as a Mosque?
We all had some difficulty biking down the very steep hills on the return trip.
After the tour, we went to an area that our guide recommended for tapas and wine.  We ate at Restaurante Boabdil, nicknamed by us  Antonio's Place.  They had WONDERFUL fried eggplant  with a sweet brown sugar drizzle on top. We also ate mushrooms (very yummy).  It was so good we returned for supper where we had a neat spinach thing for a tapa and a main dish of pork in some type of cream sauce.

After lunch some of us napped (but not me). Then we decided to do self bus tours by taking a bus to Sacromonte, walking a bit, then returning to downtown and talking another bus to end up at Plaza  San Nicolas at nightfall. It was very pretty.
Back to Restaurante Boabdil for supper and that ended our Day Two.

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