Sunday, June 09, 2013

Spain Day One

We arrived after various delays at the airports at 12:30 Malaga time.  Our taxi driver was there and took us to Granada.  He could not find our apartment address even with the rental company's help.  Finally we met an employee of Friendly Rental at a local plaza and he walked us to the apartment.  It was around 3 PM local time and we were very tired and hungry.  So after a few minutes of freshening we went off to eat.

It took us hours to get service and food!  But we did.  This is the second course!  The first course was just as big.

After eating (we know our priorities), we decided to find a grocery store (we know our priorites).  The sidewalks are all fancy.  Some with cobblestone patterns, some ceramic. None have been plain pavement. All are very pretty.  We bought supplies for breakfast and some wine.  
Then back to the apartment to set up the electronics and to call about our bike tour and Alhambra tour.  After that showers and a very early night was in order.


  1. So I got the chicken legs & freedom fries and the eggs, bacon, sausage & 'taters. Real Murkan food there. But tell us about the yummy looking rice dish?


  2. Europe has strange eating hours. My brother was there a few years ago and they seldom had dinner before ten at night.

    Greece and Spain are on my Bucket List.


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