Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Museums and, well, Museums along with a Cathedral or two

Day Nine
We started the day by going to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.  Wow....we all four really liked it.  It was easy to figure out where you were so you didn't get lost and miss something.  The audio guide was very nice and told you good information instead of just who the artist was and the type of medium used for the painting.

It had Dutch painters.  I thought about why I like them so much.  They depict life at the time as it really was in their land. 
Enlarge this to see this Government Hall and the various people in it.  Note the Pilgrims along with the nobelmen.

This tells you what number to push on the audioguide.  It also includes the painter and the title of the work.
This is a lady being dressed for dinner by her maid.  The guide told all kinds of interesting things about the items in the painting.
Author and title of the work.
This work looked like it was made from mosaic tile until you got close enough to see the brush strokes.  I loved it.

Author and tile of the above works.
 Here I am at a Renoir.  Its one of the field paintings.  I wanted to show you my purse and my walking, sitting cane.  It really helps me to be able to see more with less foot usage.

After this museum, we had  lunch while we discussed what to do next.  The other three decided to see the Prado, while I opted to visit the traveling Camille Pissarro collection.   I took one photo before learning it wasn't allowed since it was a traveling collection.

Much was said in the audioguides about Pissarro and how he liked to paint paths.  I was going to start with this one and then show paths that had an uphill slope....but this is all you get!

After that we ate at a local Italian restaurant and called it quits for the night.

Day Ten
We decided to visit the National Cathedral opposite the palace.  It was closed the day we went to the palace.  We walked up into the dome where we could see more of the palace and very good views of the statues on the cathedral.  But once again no pictures allowed inside the cathedral.  What wonderful embroidery is on the vestments!  It was worth the walk just to see them.  Wish I could have taken photos.

Statues on top of the Cathedral.  Up close and personal.

After that we wandered the "old" section of town with its very tiny stores.  Most of the stores we pass in all of Spain are tiny, specialty stores.  
This is a meat store.  A fruit store is down the street.  

A mall of small individual stores.
After Lunch we went to the Reina Sofia museum with its history of Spain and saw Picasso's Guernica.

We then went back to our apartment where we ended up eating in since my foot would not stand another walk. 

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